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Video Portfolio

Customized One Page WordPress theme.

Event Site Redesign

Improved UX/UI on a dance event website.

Medical App Redesign

Touch-friendly UI design for a mobile wellness app.

SAAS Web App

Upgraded user experience of a SaaS online web app.

Responsive Specs

UI specs for American Funds responsive account services.

Responsive Accounts

Axure prototype for responsive client accounts.

Fund Details Re-org

Axure prototypes for fund detail content reorganization.

AF Japan Site Map

Deliverable for audit of Japanese site.

Site Architecture

Page hierarchy for new TOMS website.

TOMS Combo Site

Combination of two product websites into one.

Checkout Refresh

Simplified, elegant redesign of checkout process.

Video Gallery

TOMS' attempt to replace YouTube channel.

Ideal UX Workflow

TOMS' reorganized project workflow.

TOMS Mobile Site

TOMS' first mobile e-commerce website.

TOMS Community

Dreams of a more socially gamified future.

ODWS 2012

One Day Without Shoes, an annual awareness event.

Secret Product Launch

Marketing campaign for TOMS' new product offering.

UK Checkout Analysis

Powerpoint on how to optimize checkout for a UK audience.

Conference Booking

American Apparel conference room booking application.

Website Activity Monitor

American Apparel's real-time website ticker.

Lunch Orders

Employee lunch ordering system for American Apparel.

Online Reservations

Reserve on American Apparel site, pick up at store.

News & Video Blog

American Apparel's multimedia news source.

The One Cart

A combined checkout process similar to Amazon.

Hair Clippings

A Pinterest-inspired site for hair styles.

Gnomon Workshop

Annual 3D digital design conference materials.

Photo Center

Evite's photo sharing functionality.

Carpool Planning

Evite's event carpool invitation process.

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